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As the saying goes: "Opposite attracts" TooGood is the proof! Snacking and Nutrition, two different personalities came too-gether in 2011, hiding nothing and offering you a healthy snack for a balanced diet. Did we mention how tasty they are?

TooGood Popped Snacks


Sterilization and additives? Not for us! Innovative, stylish and distinct, our packs reflect our personality: colorful and Too-Funk. This will bring a little extra to your daily sweet or savoury break!

TooGood Chewing Gum and TooGood Coco Cubes
TooGood Crunchy Biscuits


How? Thanks to complex innovative production process which guarantee less saturated-fat for a healthy snack without any additives, preservatives... Just natural ingredients.

TooGood No Chips and TooGood Nude


Too-True, Too-Funk, Too-Naked. You got it: Tatoogood!

Logo TooGood Soja
TooGood Soy, the first healthy alternative to classic crisps.

TooGood Soja Barbecue flavor
TooGood Soja Truffle flavor
TooGood Soja Cheese flavor
TooGood Soja Paprika flavor
TooGood Soja Salt and Pepper flavor
TooGood Soja Tomato and Herbs flavor

Popped potatoes and soy snacks, light and never fried.

Toogood found for you a solution to snack without guilt, to eat indulgent without excess. At the basis of our concept, soy and potato snacks, popped between two hot cylinders, without cooked or fried fats, for a light saturates level and an unprecedented lightness in mouth. Gluten-free, rich in protein and fibre, Toogood Soya is suitable for all diets, including the bacon flavour, based on vegetarian aromas. A daily snack, which becomes even truffle, to celebrate great occasions with your friends or to offer some balanced festive moments with your family.

Logo TooGood Coco Cubes
TooGood Coco Cubes, even more fruity than it looks.

TooGood Coco Cubes

A fruity snack which has everything of a sugar-free confectionery.

TooGood offers you a healthy alternative, to snack for your morning breaks or during the afternoon: real cubes of coconut, chewy texture, sugar free. Apple and pear extracts naturally sweet our cubes, to have a sugar content of only 4.9%, without any other added sugar, the sweetness of a confectionery in bonus. A simple and clever snack, which has a rate of 17.2% fiber.

Logo TooGood No Chips
TooGood No Chips, who would dare to say “No” to “No Chips”?

TooGood No Chips sel
TooGood No Chips épicé

They look like chips, but they’re so much more.

Same crunchy, same delicacy, same intensity than regular crisps, but without damaging defects. Vacuum extruded without oil, these thin and organic chips have less than 2.5% fat, are less salty, gluten-free, vegan, which allow them to proudly have a Nutriscore A on facing.

Logo TooGood Chewing Gum
TooGood Chewing Gum, time to chew sustainable.

TooGood Chewing Gum Mint
TooGood Chewing Gum Cinnamon

Healthy and planet-friendly, new generations chewing-gum.

Say goodbye to synthetic gums, made up of synthetic rubber and petroleum derivatives, to discover our 100% natural tree-based chewing gum. A Mexican tree, which contains a sap equivalent to a natural latex, which the Mayans already used as “chiclé”. A plant asset to confer a unique property: biodegradability, by destroying more quickly than a conventional chewing gum.

Sugar and aspartame free, TooGood Chewing gum avoids controversies, but offers the same sensation, with a crunchy fresh coat and an elastic texture, to chew without harming. Unique as Toogood likes to be, you can also discover a cinnamon flavour, distinctive and original. So do as we do now, chew sustainable!

Logo TooGood Biscuits Croquants
Crunchy Biscuits, the new TooGood experience is here!

TooGood Crunchy Biscuits Coconuts flavor
TooGood Crunchy Biscuits Cranberry flavor
TooGood Crunchy Biscuits Cocoa flavor

Less sweet but very crunchy.

Snacking a cookie without guilt isn’t everyone’s dream? Well, Toogood did it. These crunchy and fibrous oat-based mini cakes are 55% less sweet than their counterparts, thanks to a clever mix of chicory fibre, cane sugar and honey. Real ingredients, without controversies, nor use of synthetic sweeteners. A sugar reduction and ultra-crunchy, with three gourmet flavors: coconut, cocoa and cranberries.

Logo TooGood Nude
TooGood Nude, high in color!

TooGood No Chips sel
TooGood No Chips épicé
TooGood Nude Pomme de terre

Popped snack with sweet potato, chickpea, spinach, beetroot and potato, never fried, less fat and lighter.

Toogood Nude is without any superfluous flavouring, in order to find the original vegetables: sweet potato, spinach, beet or chickpea. A blend of pure flavors, a mix of soft colors, to retain only the essential. Popped into warm air, without frying, Toogood Nude are lighter in fat, compared to regular vegetable chips, for a balanced and so natural pre-dinner snack.


The Popping

“Popping” is the union of soy and potatoes, during a non-frying ceremony and without any sticky finger. Usually kept secret, we too-day reveal you how it’s done.

This incredible mix is puffed and molded between two cylinders at a high temperature, to obtain a perfect union, with a light, crispy texture.
A tiny drop of oil, high in oleic acid is sprayed to celebrate this alliance and makes the natural and vegetarian flavors to stick to the snack.

An innovative concept and healthy production techniques make it possible to offer light snacks with less fat, less calories.

Popping, but why?

To understand better the secrets which incited Mr Olive to revolutionize the snacking sector with TooGood, follow him in this TV report from M6, broadcasted in June, 2016, to celebrate “green snacking".

Visit our factory, certified BRC but human-sized, in which innovation is the core business and a driving force.

Source some smart and differentiating products with Mr. Olive, to find the new and elected “healthy snack”.

Meet the TooGood team, which works with energy to launch qualitative novelties and out-of-the-box design as usual.

Why is TooGood so good?


TooGood Nude

Sweet-orange, subtle sweet&salty taste, TooGood highlights the sweet potato thanks to the newest family member. The genes transmitted are still the same: no frying, fat reduction up to 55% compared to vegetable chips, gluten-free and vegetarian. But with its own character: a playful and curved form, in perfect harmony with transgenerational snacking. Let you seduce by its intense crunch. Available at Franprix from October.

TooGood No Chips

Coco, you look good!

Small, clever, fruity, Toogood will offer you soon a healthy confectionery, to snack for your morning breaks: coconut cubes, sugar-free, compensated by apple and pear fibers. An unprecedented experience with a chewy texture. Available in June in Auchan stores.

TooGood Chewing Gum
TooGood Truffle flavor

Toogood No Chips

A new Toogood arrives in your supermarket in April: Toogood No Chips. They look like chips, but they are so much more! Same crunchy, same delicacy, same intensity, but without damaging defects, because less fat, source of fiber, added sugar free and certified organic. And furthermore: they also carry a Nutriscore A, an enviable rating for an aperitif product. So who would dare to say “No”?

TooGood Crunchy Biscuits

On the road...

After the checkout shelves of your convenience supermarkets, you will find TooGood Chewing gums (our natural gums that have chosen to say no to plastic) in your gas stations, train stations and airports. Enough to chew healthy and responsible at any time, including during your travels.

Visuel TooGood Pétales Céréales saveur Sweet Chili

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